gmandeluxe73 (gmandeluxe73) wrote,


today at schoool people told me about a bunch of rumors going around and to be completely honest with you i really coudl care less about that, say all you want, it really doesnt botehr me a bit. i talekkd to mr shdo today about that and among other things and i told him that i dont have any hard feelings, and im not seeking anysort of revenge i just want everything to be finished, doenst matter if i never see her again, never talk to her again, we be friends again or anythign i really dont care, i just dont wanna get in trouble anymore, im tired of living in limbo, walking on eggshells all the time, i just wanna be my self, as i finally feel like im rid of all temptation and am finally truly happy i feel like someones just tryinjg to bring me down because seh knows im happy i dont know, why cant we just both be happy and leave it at taht, itd really make it a lot easier on me, i just wanna be left out of everything, i honestly believe that i never did anything wrong, so why am ibeign punished..
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