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my what i have to put up with

gmandeluxe73: hey
gmandeluxe73: i have a quesiton or two
cleverdeception7: what do you want?
gmandeluxe73: did you do the vocab part for crystal cave?
cleverdeception7: no my group did- i was gone,
gmandeluxe73: oh arlihgt, i was supposed to put down page numbers, but i dint kow that til a little bit ago, and i have it all done,but now i cant find any of the words
cleverdeception7: dd
gmandeluxe73: were you sick the other day?
cleverdeception7: yeah
gmandeluxe73: are you any better now?

gmandeluxe73: ?
cleverdeception7: what>?!
gmandeluxe73: i asked if you were doing any better now?
cleverdeception7: y are you talking to me?
gmandeluxe73: i once made a promise long ago
gmandeluxe73: after i broek a promise to you, i said i wasnt going to break anymore
cleverdeception7: and then you fucked up and your not my friend
cleverdeception7: get over it.
gmandeluxe73: no i am over it
gmandeluxe73: but im not gonna let you down
cleverdeception7: leave me the eff alone
cleverdeception7: you ruined everything
gmandeluxe73: k one more questoin though?
cleverdeception7: if you dont leave me a lone
cleverdeception7: no!
gmandeluxe73: how did i ruin everything, and what was everything/
gmandeluxe73: /
cleverdeception7: leave me a lone
gmandeluxe73: what was there to ruin?

cleverdeception7: its so easy to talk to your mom and have her deal with it
cleverdeception7: i hate you, leave me alone!!!

seems to be the story of my life, how forgiving.
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